Introduction & short history:

Vanya's Garage is online since 2020. Part of former No Brains Records and No Brains e-zine.

Welcome to

Vanya's Garage


Catalogue is still only available in my Discogs shop.


For you who prefere buying records on Discogs.

Also check:

Part of my stock (mostly 60s & 70s records) is sold on Discogs through my friend's shop:

‘Play Some Music’:

So you can check that shop and order directly from there.
If you want to combine records from both shops, it’s also possible if you order directly from me. Just let me know.


I try to find the cheap and safe way to send your record(s).
The postage rates for small and light parcels, I'm able to offer at the moment, are not low like before, specially not for countries abroad (USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.). But, if you order more records, the postage/shipping rates are better. In stead of ordering 5x only one or two 7" records, better order 10 records at once, for examle.

The Europan postage rates are slightly higher then before, but also cheaper for bigger parcels.


I think my prices are reasonable. Yes, I have some expensive and very expensive records - but offers are also welcome. We can always speak about the prices.

How to pay:
To be honest, I prefere bank payments. PayPal rise their fee and change their policies regularly, and it costs both you and me more and more.
So, I suggest to use IBAN bank transfer for the most European customers or Wise ( for customers from UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. Wise is simple, fast, safe and cheap way to send money from your bank account to mine.

How to order my Discogs records directly from me (it's still possible):
It's very simple. Check out the shop on Discogs and send me a list of titles (even better if you copy/paste links to items) you want and I will reserve them for you. And I will invoice you.

The selection of records in Vanya's Garage will be already cheaper then on Discogs.
But, if you want more discount, make bigger orders, order Discogs records directly from me, send bank payment.
So, many records you can easily get with 20% discount or even more.

Other 'boring' details about grading, PayPal payments etc. are here: