Introduction & short history:

I'm selling records from 1997 and also ran 2 small record labels: No Brains Records and Astral Anarchy, as well as No Brains e-zine. I really enjoyed running the zine as I had ...

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... direct contact with bands and labels. There used to be a real No Brains Records shop in early 00s, and online and ebay shop.

With the time and all the changes that came with 'everything online' and 'everything as fast as possible', I had to stop with the e-zine (too time consuming) and close my real shop.

Due to current situation (2020) I had to close my 'real' internet shop and switch to selling on Discogs.
I also decided to change the name of the shop - record collecting became too serious for name like 'No Brains'.

Welcome to

Vanya's Garage

... to my old and new customers ...

November 2020:

Many records, mostly garage punk, neo 60s and trash punk from 90s and 00s, recently listed in my Discogs shop are old stock or from my own collection.
Many of them are unplayed or played just once. Maybe some covers are in a bit less great condition. Also all 70s glam 45s are listed in my Discogs shop.
I have many spares too. During the covid measures - I haven't had much opportunity to go around and look for new records.
But I still have few good sources and from time to time I get new things, but less then before. We'll see how it will go later.


Why Discogs?

Most people seem to prefere buying records there.
 I’m sorry that I have to dissapoint those who prefere to buy ...

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... from me directly, as No Brains Records shop and the time I spent to run it were no longer cost effective.
Personally, I'm a crate digger and enjoy finding something I never heard about before - new or old, from any part of the world.
So you can guess, I'm not somebody who buys records on Discogs, and I still prefere old fashioned diggin'.
My customers knew that they could always find obscure and unknown records in my shop - provided with sound files, so they could choose the right stuff.
Anyway, back to now and Discogs.
Personally, I find selling on Discogs boring.
It's all about going through different releases, checking catalogue numbers and being careful about not making a mistake.
Although Discogs database is full of mistakes (and I'm banned from editing them), because (as it seems) somebody who doesn't even own a certain record knows the 'correct' information.
Shortly, selling records on Discogs is like some bad paid office administration job with a boss who tells you what to do all the time. I'm just being honest here, sorry.
But yet, it seems to be THE way to sell records at the moment so here it is:

Also check:

Part of my stock is sold on Discogs through

‘Play Some Music’:

So you can check that shop and order directly from there.
If you want to combine records from both shops, it’s also possible if you order directly from me. Just let me know.

I try to find the cheap and safe way to send your record(s).
I think the postage I'm able to offer at the moment is pretty low, but if that changes in the future - it's not up to me.


I think my prices are reasonable. Yes, I have some expensive and very expensive records - I get offers from time to time for them. Some good offers I accept, some I decline. We can always speak about the prices.
Minimum order is €5. Don't ask for a discount if you order 1 or 2 €5 records. If you can pay €4 a €5 for your beer or coffee, what is a vinyl record then? Peanuts or a cookie you get with it?

How to pay:
To be honest, I prefere bank payments. PayPal rise their fee and change their policies regularly, and it costs both you and me more and more.
So, I suggest to use IBAN bank transfer for the most European customers or TransferWise ( for customers from UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. TransferWise is simple, fast, safe and cheap way to send money from your bank account to mine. Here is more info on how it works:

How to order directly from me (it's still possible):
Check out the shop on Discogs and send me a list of titles you want and I will invoice you.
I know it's not very convenient, but it's how it is at the moment.

If you want 20% discount or even more:
1. Order directly from me (not through Discogs) = 10% discount
Important to know for some customers outside E.U.:
you can also save some money on the extra tax that Discogs has to add and I don't (as I am a small seller).
2. Don't use PayPal, but IBAN bank transfer or TransferWise = 10% discount

Other 'boring' details about grading, PayPal payments etc. are here: